SergeyHello, my name is Sergey Alov and I’m a Web-designer. I create effective HTML5, Flash and GIF animation and specialize in creating a bright and stylish HTML5 and Flash banners, HTML5 and Flash 2D animations, HTML5 and Flash presentations. I’m also pleased to offer you any services for the development of graphic material from static banners to animations of the finished creative. It is also my specialty to create GIF animated banners and adaptation Flash to HTML5 banners to the requirements of Google Adwords.

One of my competitive advantages include: a large accumulated years of work experience; attention and individual approach to each client; discounts and bonuses for regular customers; the exact timing of the work.

HTML5-banner — the most effective advertising method

Rich Media is one of the best tools you can use to create a positive image of the company, as well as capture the attention of potential customers. Online banners show Greater effectiveness.

What is Web banners?

This is graphics, which are analogous to the real banners. They can be of different kinds. Some of the banners are a simple image — a resource to create, in principle, can be almost anyone.

The most effective online banner advertising is considered to be HTML5 or Flash banner.  The Banner is able to attract the attention of the widest possible audience through its original design.

How does banner advertise?

We will not go into the details, you do not need it. It must be said that each banner is laid hyperlink. By clicking on the banner, the visitor reaches the advertised power. In the future, the success of sales will depend already on many factors.

Your goal — to get clicks. How to achieve it? It’s simple — you need to order Flash banners for the website with us. It depends on the developers of banners or, banner makers, whether the advertising banner hangs on the website of «dead weight», or will operate at full power. Creation of banners is not an easy process; banner makers should not only have knowledge of Flash and web technologies, but also good taste and sense of style. In the development studio Flashcreate banners there are only professionals engaged for you.

How to order a banner?

Our studio is developing the different banner advertising. Turning to us, you can order banners for the site of the following types:

  • static;
  • animated;
  • interactive;

Each of these banners can give excellent results if it is created by skilled masters. If you want to get the maximum effect, we recommend the use of animated HTML5 and interactive banners.

When ordering a banner with us, you protect yourself from all kinds of problems. You will not need to delve into how it works — just share with us your idea and we will realize it. Together we will choose the optimal size for the banner, its design.

Everything else we laid on our shoulders. We will prepare for you selected format banner. If this Flash-banner, we will also create an image plug-convenient format ( .jpg, .png, .gif). It will appear even to users who have not installed Flash-plugin.

To order a banner you just go to the section «Make an order» to complete the online form and send it to us. Either in the «Contacts» to choose a convenient communication tool for you and write to us. We will contact you as soon as possible. Find out the cost of a banner in the section «Portfolio» by the examples of works with the estimated cost of development. Order HTML5 banner is simple. Promptly, classy, inexpensive — and, most important, effective! Ask, and we «dress up» your advertising the latest fashion online!

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